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Polyethylene pipes

Nowadays Polyethylene pipes has found their place in under pressure usages. Polyethylene products have been able to be appropriate for different types of metal pipes, PVC, GRP and cast iron by improving the unique features. One of the most outstanding and unique advantages of this type of pipes is its manufacturing capacity in accordance with customers’ demands.

PANELLI Company at the beginning of its profession based on the organization strategy has moved toward providing products based on local and regional demands and in this path it is ready to provide products for the customers by the most up to date machine technology, consultants, and trained employees. We manufacture a product relying on our polyethylene features that in addition to having all standard factors, it is completely based on customers’ needs. PANELLI point of view in manufacturing polyethylene products provides the opportunity for the customers to order any kind of product they need and receive the most appropriate output.

“light polyethylene pipes”, “heavy polyethylene pipes”, and “ irrigation rings” are the products of PANELLI Company with specific standard which Is applicable as ventilation channel in connecting easily , high strength ,impermeable and at the same time high flexibility , high resistance to ultraviolet ray , resistance to rodents , termites, microorganisms , lightweight , low cost of repair and maintenance , saving on the costs of boosting. Our belief is owning a successful business based on customers’ benefits by systematic production and supply and clarification of the process, since we consider our business partners and customers as friends and seek to create and develop a friendly and honest relationship.

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